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7. Prophets Manual

R 275,00 each

If you are called as a prophet this is a basic training
manual for you. If you want to know more on how





Except from the Book  :-

The vision objective, because of the lack of recognized Prophet Schools, regrettably too much emphasis has been placed on training up Pastors, Teachers and Evangelists but not Apostles and Prophets; which Christ did not exclude from the fivefold ministry gifts to the church.

Together with the above it is envisioned to introduce Prophetic ministry as a subject to ministerial bible school syllabi.

This manual comes with a three-fold objective:

  • To read as a book
  • To study
  • To teach from ….. For mature prophets of God to take note of junior prophet’s growth and pick up God’s call to alarm this world in preparation for the end times.
  • To use as a reference book. 

This manual targets in mainly on budding, potential prophets and their leaderships, incorporating the overall body of Christ. 

It is designed for bible based teachers to adopt their own expression and anointing from a variety of examples, teaching outlines and charts. 

It is written to challenge, encourage, motivate and inspire the Lord’s gifted servant’s too greater fulfilment in their ministry; showing and exposing possible inner hurts and suppressed feelings experienced by prophets; thus causing them to recoil into a shell of discouragement. To encourage them to continue and press on in spite of general opinions of man and severe attacks from satan. 

Though there appears to be some negative statements made throughout this manual, my prayer is that the reader will aspire to obtain positive goals, so that God’s people will no longer be left ignorant of satan’s devices as we read in II Cor.2:11. I would also like to point out that throughout this manual satan’s name has been printed in the lower case so as not to give him any glory.

Many times, what has been said applies to the Lord’s anointed in general. There are no prejudices, but the manual is to teach and inspire a prophet, in particular, in his calling and how to handle it. All references to prophets is totally applicable to true ‘prophetesses’ of the Lord as well. By leaning heavily on the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, I have endeavoured to cover the most important aspects pertaining to the prophetic ministry.

Finally, by laying sound foundations in the hearts and minds of God’s people; as to God’s ordained plans, purposes and principles regarding a true prophet and his/her ministry. My prayer is that these teachings will be a well balanced diet for spiritual growth and maturity for the prophets of today. And prove to produce righteous fruit of excellence in ministry to whoever reads, studies and teaches these prophetic principals, bringing all honour and glory to our precious Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.



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