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6. Spiritual Gifts

R 275,00 each


To teach students about the different Spiritual Gifts to discover their own Spiritual Gifting. We have come to realise that as students tap into God’s resources, and start to gain deeper understanding about the subject, they become more confident and better able to stir up their God given gifts to edify the Body. This teaching will also equip them to serve God more effectively. They will also be able to encourage other Christians to find and start using their gifts. This teaching shows us how we can best serve the Lord with maximum effectiveness.

Our lives are complex and colorful, much like a tapestry. The picture is woven beautifully together to completion. This tapestry epitomizes our walk with God, unique and splashed with the exquisite colour of spiritual gifts, personality, passions, and life experience. And when this is all put together we discover a glorious picture – just how God intended it to be.

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