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Associate Degree

R 3 350,00 each

To earn an Associate Degree, you will need to purchase and successfully complete: 

Certificate in Ministry &  Counselling 1


Purchasing this course will enroll you in all the above courses.


Individual Courses can be purchased and completed separately.

Earn an Associate Degree, which will open the way for you to step into the ministry God has called you to. The program is divided into two stages and is designed to be completed in two years. However, the duration of these studies is dependent on you the student. How much time you can put into studying will determine how long it takes.


The Associate Degree  is awarded to students who have successfully completed the Certificate in Ministry and the Certificate in  Counselling courses.


Certificate in Ministry

The Certificate in Ministry is the first year of the two year Associate Degree Program and the first year of the three year Bachelor Degree Program . The Doctrines and Theology taught in this course are designed to strengthen believers, so that they can step into and fulfil their callings through correct understanding and implementation of the scriptures. Our teachings follow the same route as Systematic Theology, without using all the technical jargon.

This course consists of five short courses, each of which is certified. The courses are:

  • 1. Christian Foundations Course
  • 2. The Bible Course
  • 3. Spiritual Beings Course
  • 4. Prayer Course
  • 5. Inner Victory
  • 6. Spiritual Gifts Course


Certificate in Counselling

This course is the second stage of the Associate Degree and is designed to equip pastors with counselling skills. On successful completion of this as a stand-alone course a Certificate in Counselling is awarded. 

Pastoral Counselling is 100% founded on the Word of God. Having a strong theological foundation does not mean we are equipped to counsel. There are other skills we need to acquire to be effective counsellors, which are found in the Bible. This correct application and understanding of scripture is what makes Counselling so effective.

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