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Terms of Service Bible College

Terms of Service

We want you to have a happy learning experience and get the most out of the teaching material. Our heart is that through studying with us, you gain deeper understanding of the Word of God. We are here to Equip the Saints for the Work of Ministry.


All course material remains the property of Revealed Word Bible College and may be printed for your own use. It may not be sold, copied or distributed without our prior written permission.


It is always best to print your material. This is to cross reference, scribble, make notes, comment and underline. It is a working document, so the first prize it to print and bind.

If you have questions about the course content, email us and one of our Deans will get back to you.


Each credit hour is based on ten (10)  hours of actual study.
A Bachelor’s Degree is 120 credit hours made up as follows:(may change)
1st Year 30 credit hours
2nd Year 36 credit hours
3rd Year 54 credit hours

Associate Degree or Diploma in Ministry 66 credit hours made up as follows: (may change)
1st Year 30 credit hours
2nd Year 36 credit hours


All certificates will be posted or couriered to you and the cost will be levied to you.


Credits are not automatically given. Please put your request in writing and provide us with your previous credit hours, subject matter and copies of certificates received from your past college/s, transcripts and any references and contact numbers, then email the information to All credits are granted at the discretion of the Dean.


Minimum age is 17 years. A non-discriminatory entrance exam may be required if you have not completed high school. This is to assist you with making the right choice about courses. This will be emailed to you. Otherwise the minimum requirement for the Associate Degree or Bachelor Degree will be to successfully complete your Certificate in Ministry - the seven short courses.

A non-refundable deposit of R250 is required with all applications. The deposit will be deducted from your fees.


Each level (year) must be completed in less than 24 months unless an extension is granted by the Dean. If not you will be removed as a student and will have to submit a new application for study for which you will be charged. If you have any problems completing your studies in the required time, and are serious about completing your studies, you may apply for an extension via email to the relevant Dean. If you are not studying due to illness, or if you have been retrenched, or for any other valid reason you are unable to study, you are required to advise us immediately in writing and issue valid proof from your past employer or doctor. We need to advise our accounts department of your situation. We will advise you further. Please email our Dean on  to discuss this.


The application form is a legal document that contains relevant information that we need to know about you as a student. Your ID number (which is used on your certificates), How you would like to pay for the course/s and your contact details. Please ensure that you have uploaded a copy of your ID or Passport for our student records and that all the information on the form is true and correct.


1st year certificate level exams are marked online. Your results will be immediately available. All other courses must be submitted to us for marking and should take more than 20 working days. Always email the Dean to say that your material has been sent and if you do not get a response, please follow up.

You will be required to successfully complete each course before attempting the next course.

For the Certificate in Ministry – the first seven courses, there are exams. For Counselling 1 and Leadership and Administration you are marked on case studies, homework and assignments.


Will not be tolerated, and that anybody who is found to have plagiarised will become subject to serious sanction which might include the termination of their studies and forfeiture of any fees paid by them.

(b)   That immediately any student is found to have plagiarised work, they should get a zero result for that test with whatever consequences that brings.

(c)    In the event of any further plagiarising taking place after a first offence, the student should will be warned that in the event of the student being found guilty of any further plagiarising, they risk being expelled from our institution.

Plagiarising is a very serious matter, and in most educational institutions it carries the risk (for the student) of failing courses (at best) and being expelled from the institution concerned (at worst).

What is Plagiarising:

  • To use another person’s idea or a part of that person's work and pretend that it is your own.
  • To steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own use (another's production) without crediting the source.
  • To commit literary theft present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source.

Dispute resolution. If a dispute arises, an email should be sent to the Director, detailing the dispute. The Director will communicate directly with you.

If you have questions, please go to our Contact us page and send an email. Or email us directly on We would love to help you



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