We want you to have a happy learning experience and get the most out of the teaching material. Our heart is that through studying with us, you gain deeper understanding of the Word of God. We are here to Equip the Saints for the Work of Ministry.

Credits are not automatically given. Please put your request in writing and provide us with your previous credit hours, subject matter and copies of certificates received from your past college/s, transcripts and any references and contact numbers, then email the information to  juanita@rwbc.co.za

Yes, you can but a ministry position is different to a secular position. In the secular world you study and after qualifying you look for a job. In ministry you first have to prove yourself in order to get recognition. Your qualifications strengthen your position, they are not your primary point of recognition. The calling and anointing on your life should be the primary consideration. These will be recognized by your leadership.

You can apply; however, it will depend on the job criteria of the company you are applying to. Our training is focused training students for ministry. Students who require secular accreditation are encouraged to study at schools/colleges that have such accreditation.

RWBC has expanded its vision to include the development of RWBC Bible campuses in various countries. We partner with various churches and ministries. Please contact us on joshua@intmissions.com and we will send you more details.

No all our notes are self-contained.

In some instances, yes, where we have a campus. Contact on joshua@intmissions.com and we will see if we can accommodate you in a campus.

Our Certificate in Ministry is our minimum requirement for entering into a bachelor’s program. On successful completion of the certificate of ministry you can continue studying towards a bachelor’s degree.

No, in fact we have had several older people successfully study through us.

Yes 18 years old except in exceptional circumstances.

We are focused on equipping the body of Christ to do the work of ministry. Our goal is to make studying easy, enjoyable, relevant, and affordable. What you learn will help you in practical ministry.

Credits are not granted automatically. Please email Claudette Joubert at students@rwbc.co.za details of previous studies and include your previous credit hours, subject matter and copies of certificates received from your past college/s, transcripts and any references and contact numbers.