It was an epoch making event as the African Tourism Board signs a memorandum of understanding with Revealed Word University, Rwanda recently which aims at developing African Tourism Potentials.

The event which took place online had in attendance the University’s Vice-Chancellor, the Chancellor, the Chief Executive Officer and other top officials.

Representing African Tourism Board were the Executive Chairman, the Executive Board members, Ambassadors, Committee Chairpersons and Affiliate members across the globe.

The Government of Eswatini was represented by Linda Nxumalo, CEO Eswatini Tourism Board holding brief for the Minister of Tourism and Environment Affairs, Honourable M. Vilakati.

In his welcome speech, the Chancellor Dr. Joshua Baker described the collaboration as a mile stone for the institution saying it would benefit the University on its continental expansion programs.

The Executive Chairman of the ATB Mr. Cuthbert Ncube in his opening remarks applauded the MoU as a historic moment in the history of the organization especially on the formation of the relationship between ATB and Revealed Word University.

Our goal at ATB is to propagate a more cohesive and unified approach across the spectrum creating synergies with the public, private and at institutional levels thereby helping to creating partnerships with strategic entities and organizations.

The Chairman further emphasised an urgent need to create collaborations within the continent and globally as a form of skills enhancement and skills transfers of which more emphasis should be to create awareness that Africa surely is the future, even in our fractured States.

We have proven that we can survive without each other, but we have not proven that we can win economic progress without each other hence through this partnership it will enable ATB members the affordability especially coming out of this dark era of the pandemic with the Revealed Word University offering 30% discount to ATB members and affiliates on the programs offered by the university which are geared towards equipping and empowering leaders who are trained to change the world.

The Chairman further decried the thought that Africa can not have the privilege of pleading ignorance.

We are not at liberty to decide whether or not to invest in skills training for ourselves, we can not choose to remain cocoons and oblivious to the reality, for it is our reality, it has to be intrinsic in our nature and be fluid to our thoughts.

In his closing remarks the Chairman concluded by saying if Africa is truly committed to the vision of an economic progressive society, in which all citizens realize economic and social freedom, we ought to be committed to developing ourselves because our failure to do so will result in potential leaders, entrepreneurs, business analyst, medical practitioners and advocates entrapped in the caveats of poverty not realizing their full potentials.

”I am convinced more than ever”. He said ”that we can win and produce not only educated individuals, but intelligent leaders who will drive, filter and reflect true values of our African pride and progressive sights in all spheres of our economies.

By Kazeem Balogun
Kazeem Balogun is the Managing Editor of Kalo Africa News.

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