Statement of Faith

The Bible

We believe the Bible to be the Inspired Word of God, given by the Holy Spirit. Through the Bible we learn how to receive Salvation. It teaches us the Truth and shows us what is wrong in our lives, so that we can be trained to live righteous lives, being prepared and equipped to serve (2 Timothy 3:15, 16) It is the infallible Word of God given to us through prophets by the Holy Spirit (2 Peter 1:19-20) It is therefore the authoritative Word of God. The principles that we live by are contained in the Bible.


Is created in Gods Image (Genesis 1:26) and God created us for His Glory (Isaiah 43:7) therefore Gods ultimate purpose for man is for us to Glorify him. All men have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God (Romans 3: 23) and are lost and we can’t save ourselves and therefore we need a personal saviour.


We believe that there is one God, not three, who created everything (Isaiah 45: 18) He is eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. (John 1:1 and Matthew 3: 16, 17) He is a Just God and must punish sin (Romans 1:18) He is also a merciful God and Loves man and does not want to punish us. (Titus 3:4, 5) and that’s why God the Father sent God the Son in the Power of God the Holy Spirit to become flesh (John 1:14) He was born of a virgin (Matthew 1:18) and died on the cross (Romans 4: 25) to pay the penalty for our sins (His Atoning Sacrifice) so that we may inherit eternal life.


Is received by Grace (Gods unmerited Favour which is a gift and can’t be earned or deserved) through Faith (trusting in Jesus Christ alone) (Ephesians 2:8, 9) this is justification (just as if we never sinned) by faith (Romans 3:28)

The Church

The Church is the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:27) made up of us all individually, together. She is God’s chosen vessel to minister to the saints and to bring in the harvest (John 4:35) the mission of the Church is missions. Every believer should be involved in missions, not necessarily in the same function but with the same goal: To bring in the harvest.

The Great Commission

Every believer is called to make disciples not just converts (Matthew 28:18-20). This necessitates teamwork. We all have differing functions and should work together to fulfil the Great Commission.

The Poor

We need to have a holistic approach to people in need. We need to minister to the whole man spirit, soul and body not just the spiritual side. (Matthew 25:35)

Our Expression

We believe that the Holy Spirit dwells within all believers (Romans 8:9) and through him signs and wonders follow us, we cast out demons, speak in new tongues and heal the sick. (Mark 16: 17) The time of miracles has not yet passed.


Not only do we need to do the work of ministry, but we need to equip others to also do the same. (Ephesians 4: 11)


Training, Preparing & Sending Workers out to bring in the Harvest and make Disciples.

The idea of launching a bible college was born on the mission field. We saw the need for training leaders, who would be able to step into what God has called them to be. After much prayer, this amazing journey began in September 2014 when Revealed Word Bible College (RWBC) was conceived, branded, and born.

Our goal was to establish a bible college that would produce and deliver quality theologically sound, relevant teachings which are well presented and practical to the people wherever they are, at an affordable price,

It has been an exhilarating journey, a time of rapid growth. With an incredibly dedicated team it took 15 months of hard work and lots of fun to complete the first teachings. The process included researching, writing, typing, editing, checking, printing, and training campus personal. We launched our first campus in Kenya in February 2015.

Since the first day we have felt the leading of Holy Spirit and have been amazed at the results. We started with campuses at various locations and have established more than 40 campuses in eleven countries.

It soon became apparent that not everyone could not attend campuses and we added distance learning which has increased the size of our footprint. We introduced home studies, where we email students everything that they require to study including the notes. We then launched online studies.

The internet enables us to reach more students who want to be trained to be effective ministers of the Gospel. This platform enables students who have access to the internet to study wherever they are and in their own time.

We receive a continuous stream of amazing testimonies, as our students and graduates step up into ministry. When our students are qualified, they are equipped and ready to go out to establish Ministries or to take up other Ministry positions. We send them with all the tools they need and our Blessings.

Our graduates are taking the Harvest and making disciples and thus fulfil the Great Commission.


Revealed Word Bible College has been approved and upgraded to a Certified school with Christ for the Nations Institute Association of Bible Schools (CFNI ABS). This means we are authorized by CFNI ABS to grant degrees.

We are authorized by CFNI ABS to offer students who successfully complete:

  • 30 Credit Hours-Certificates
  • 66 Credit Hours-Associate degrees
  • 120 Credit Hours-Bachelor’s degrees
  • 45 Credit Hours plus a Bachelor’s degree- Master’s Degree
  • 60 Credit Hours plus Master’s degree-PHD

Credit Hours are calculated as 1 Credit Hour equals 10 actual study hours. We are also permitted to give some credits for ministry duties performed.

Christ for The Nations Institute is a Bible School that was founded by Dr. Gordon Lindsay more than 70 years ago. They have graduated more than 40000 students from over 100 countries in this period. The CFNI association of Bible Schools was established in 1993 to further the expansion of the Kingdom in the nations through strengthening the work of leadership training in associated bible schools. Currently there are 82 schools from 42 nations as members. Each school has to pass through a strict vetting process.

Accreditation is an important part of certification, as it means that if a college is accredited it meets the minimum standards set by an accreditation agency. Minimum standards mean that there is accountability, that certain criteria are met, that there is good record keeping and that the college has outside recognition. Our goal is to go way beyond the minimum standards.

Graduating from a bible college does not qualify anyone to go into ministry. The call on your life and the anointing of God are the main requirements for ministry. Bible college is about studying the Bible as a preparation to go into ministry. Ministers need to be equipped in the Word in such a way that they gain knowledge which they can effectively apply in ministry.

We recommend that students who are looking for secular accreditation go and study at schools which offer such accreditation.

All certificates and degrees are issued by Revealed Word Bible Institute from the United States of America.

We present training which is of top international standard and is relevant and practical. Campuses are established primarily but not solely at Churches. We train leaders to be Facilitators and certify them so that they can use the materials supplied by us to train students. We strive to maintain high quality standards at affordable prices. Our program is straightforward and easy to implement. Campuses required to adhere to our standard operating procedures. The regulations are not burdensome and do not take much time. This also helps us to keep our accreditation.

Our Faculty

Joshua Baker
Founder | President

Joshua is passionate about fulfilling the Great Commission through evangelism and equipping, so that none
should perish. Compassionate for the hurting and broken. Putting Jesus Christ at the center of it all. His mission
is to draw closer to God daily, fulfilling His purpose in his life, growing as a mentor and in knowledge, faith and experience and continuing to reach the unreached.


Brian Drury
Academic Dean

Brian heads up the faculty of RWBC and works closely with students to help them achieve their study goals. He
serves on several prophetic ministry teams. He has been described as a prophetic teacher and has served in
and outside the church. Brian comes from a legal background, having worked for many years as a legal advisor and as a lecturer in law.

Ngirabakunzi Celestin

East Africa Director of RWBC Colleges and CEO of Revealed Word University Kgali Rwanda.
A man of integrity, love, and humility. Celestin began his ministry 2004, as an Evangelist in the Anglican
Church. He heads up Apostolic Brethren Fellowship Mission (ABFM) and Brethren Fellowship Ministries Bible College.


Andrew Righthouse
Dean Emeritus

Ethical hard worker with a positive outlook and excellent communication skills. Uncompromising in his Faith
and Love for Jesus. Long-time teacher and preacher of the Word of God, and social outreach evangelism
through soup kitchens in townships. Andrew has a deep love of children through many years of Sunday School ministry in several churches.

Peter Eggeling
Dean of Leadership

A graduate of our Bible College, after a career in banking spanning Africa and the Middle East, where he often
sacrificially challenged worldly ethics and governance in secular business, he wants to honour God’s call on his
life by obedient service, according to his knowledge, gifting and experience, as we work as one body towards fulfilment of the Great Commission.


Anton Joubert

Dean of Theology

Happily married family man with Jesus Christ as his first Love. Believes in living out what the word of God
teaches and a has a passion to bring others into a deep rooted, meaningful relationship with God. As a Pastor
who teaches the word of God without compromise to his congregation, he believes in the application of the
Word and bringing the Truth of God’s word into everyday life for all to benefit and come to know the Truth that sets us free.


Reg Rehbock
Director | IT Support

Committed to Christ and working to fulfil the Great Commission. Passionate about seeing Christ honoured and
understood. Understands the way of the world and seeks to make a positive change to bring glory to God through business, the media and technology.

Leon and Ina Mulder
Afrikaans Translators

Leon and Ina love people because they love Jesus Christ. They are called to take the gospel to their people-the
Afrikaans people. One way to do that is to translate our materials into Afrikaans. Leon comes from a banking background.


Carole Dobson
Student Financial Administrator

A strong administrator, passionate about Jesus Christ. She has deep insight into organizational structure and
management. Hard working and leading from the front inspiring, others to reach new heights.


Claudette Joubert

A fun-loving pastor who cares deeply about people. Able to function under pressure she helps to maintain balance in the administration and keep our perspectives right.


Juanita McCarthy
Home Study Administrator

Pastor, teacher and author of two books, Juanita seeks to be a blessing and believes we must be salt and light in the marketplace to bring in the harvest.