"...go and make disciples of all nations." Matthew 28


We are passionate about training the Church, so that as the body of Christ we will reach our full potential in Christ and be obedient to His command in Matthew 28 to go and make disciples of all nations.

All believers are called to ministry and we play a role in activating the church, both corporately and individually to fulfil the call of God in our lives, through equipping through practical training for ministry, which is Christ centred.


Students grow in character and in faith. It is not just about knowing the Word; it is also about understanding it and living it. We present our courses in an informative way that is free of Theological jargon, interesting and easy to understand, yet is still the meat of the Word.

Our study material is designed to train our students in Practical Ministry.  We endeavour to bring you Bible Education of the highest standard in the most convenient way.

The call on your life and the anointing of God are the main requirements for ministry. Bible college is about studying the Bible as a preparation to go into ministry. Ministers need to be equipped in the Word in such a way that they gain knowledge which they can effectively apply in ministry.

Qualified students are ready to establish Ministries and take up other Ministry positions. Our graduates go and take the Harvest and make disciples and thus fulfil the Great Commission.

We present training which is of top international standard and is relevant and practical. Campuses are established primarily but not solely at Churches. We train leaders to be Facilitators and certify them so that they can use the materials supplied by us to train students. We strive to maintain high quality standards at affordable prices.

Our program is straightforward and easy to implement. Campuses required to adhere to our standard operating procedures. The regulations are not burdensome and do not take much time. This also helps us to keep our accreditation.

Dual Certification
South African students who successfully complete their studies are granted certificates of accomplishments from Strategic Missions. All degrees are granted by virtue of equivalence and are issued automatically by Revealed Word Bible Institute, a division of International Missions Sheridan Wyoming United States of America.

We recommend that students who are looking for secular accreditation go and study at schools which offer such accreditation.
Ways to study

  • Online
  • Correspondence
  • Campus

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